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Suffolk Youth Offending Team

  • Youth Offending Services (YOS) are key to the success of the Youth Justice System and there is a Youth Offending Service in every local authority in England and Wales.
  • Formed in 1999, Suffolk Youth Offending Service has staff from a variety of professional backgrounds including Social workers, Police officers, Probation officers, Drugs and Alcohol advisors and Accommodation officers.
  • It is well known that children and young people offend for a variety of reasons - social and family problems, peer group pressures, social exclusion, truancy, drug problems - and therefore if young people are to be prevented from re-offending they need the input of staff with a variety of knowledge and skills to assist them to make the right life choices.
  • No single agency has all the solutions to youth offending, but by working together, sharing knowledge, skills and experience, staff from the different agencies and professions can reduce it.
  • Suffolk YOS is committed to this multi agency approach in order to carry out its mission to help make Suffolk a safer place and to improve the life opportunities of the young people it works with in order that they can lead offending free lives.
  • Each YOS creates a Youth Justice Plan (PDF) with specific actions and targets for their area. This is agreed with Partner Agencies and the Youth Justice Board.

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